NEW Cambridge IGCSE™ English as a Second Language Sixth edition – Workbook




Peter Lucantoni, Lydia Kellas


Suitable for Cambridge IGCSE™ and IGCSE (9–1) English as a Second Language syllabuses (0510/0511/0991/0993) for examination from 2024.

Key Features:

This new series supports learners through the updated Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language syllabuses. The key changes made to the resources include:

  • Updated reading and writing task types to reflect changes in the syllabus and provid lots of opportunities to practise multiple-choice questions in the coursebook, workbook and unit tests.
  • Lots of speaking and listening exam-style questions in our resources to help students practice for assessment, and they reflect the syllabus updates. Also o‑ered are speaking videos to build confidence and skills.
  • Tiering has been removed from the qualification. Provided are more opportunities for di‑erentiation, helping to manage mixed–ability classes and allowing every student to demonstrate language competence, e.g. step-by-step writing support in the coursebook, tiered grammar practice in the workbook and di‑erentiation ideas in the teacher’s resources.

Coursebook with digital access

  • Projects help students to develop 21st century skills like critical thinking, collaboration and communication
  • Exam-style questions help prepare students for assessment and build key skills
  • Step-by-step writing sections, with sample answers, enable students to write more e‑ectively
  • Audio tracks, videos and downloadable materials, such as text extracts, available via Cambridge GO

Workbook with digital access

  • New ‘Language focus’ feature with three tiers of di‑erentiated activities ensures grammar support for all abilities
  • Each unit split into four key practice areas: Vocabulary, Language, Skills (e.g. reading, listening) and Exam practice

Teacher’s resource with digital access

  • Extra end-of-unit tests and an exam-style practice test to help learners prepare for assessment
  • Sample answers and commentary to support key problem areas for writing
  • Di‑erentiation guidance with ‘Support’ and ‘Challenge’ suggestions to suit a variety of learners

NEW Coursebook with digital access (2 years) ISBN 978 100 903 194 3

NEW Workbook with digital access (2 years) ISBN 978 100 903 196 7

NEW Teacher’s resource with digital access ISBN 978 100 909 390 3