Sunrise Titles

Upholding the tradition, Publishers Marketing Associates (PMA) and Sunrise Publications are adding this year as well a good number of exclusive course books of core subjects in the new catalogue. Many of the learning resources come from PMA’s business of working in collaboration with international publishers who have significant expertise and competencies in developing learning material and resources of all major disciplines.

The Sunrise Publications new titles featured herein are: meticulously prepared and designed Urdu Worksheets; an English handwriting series having especially allocated volumes covering activities on both Script and Cursive Handwriting, titled Write it Well; English Today’s set of books are an activity-based programme covering all the elements of the language; the popular series Creative Science has been revised and given a face lift to compete with the new books; and last but not the least, Just Maths, a series par excellence, will definitely be very well received by the schools because of the new approach and facilitating teaching methodologies.

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