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Welcome to Publishers Marketing Associates

PMA aims to provide the educational institutions with quality publications of world renowned publishing houses and indigenously developed new courses and adapted courses of high standard, executed with the objective to bring them within the parameters of our curriculum, environment and culture.

CEO Message

As we celebrate our Silver Jubilee, I am proud of the fact that Publishers Marketing Associates (PMA) and Sunrise Publications have reached this milestone of 25 years in serving education in Pakistan. This noble field was like an anthem for me: rousing, inspirational, filled with struggle, perseverance and triumph.

Before proceeding further I would like to mention here names of two dear friends who are no longer in this world with us but, whose memory is indelible in my mind, for without their unstinching support, PMA and Sunrise Publications would not have reached this landmark. John Watson of Heinemann not only encouraged me to establish PMA but also offered every possible support in ensuring PMA’s growth. Muhammad Hussain Awan was instrumental in opening the avenues of local publishing, resulting in the birth of Sunrise Publications through his unmatched professionalism, dedication and perfection. They encouraged me, supported me and helped me in navigating my ship through rough and calm waters.

A company which made a very humble beginning with just a vision to steer by, was spearheaded with honesty and dedication and is now considered as a company of repute. As a result, over a period of two and a half decades, this marketing and publishing company is now recognized and respected in the educational circles across our country, as well as, by all our partners in the publishing world.

The aspiration and commitment of PMA/Sunrise Publications has always been to give the power of knowledge to the students of Pakistan through books of high calibre and, in future too, it will remain steadfast in this mission.

Zia Husain
Chief Executive