Collins Cambridge IGCSE Maths

Collins Cambridge IGCSE® Maths, Second Edition provides in-depth coverage of the latest Cambridge IGCSE® Mathematics 0580 syllabus for examination from 2015 onwards.
Key Features:
-Supports and challenges students with the Core and Extended curriculum together in one book. This also aids transition from Core to Extended.
-Helps students to prepare for examination with Cambridge questions from previous papers.
-Develops problem solving with flagged questions that require students to apply their skills, often in real life and international contexts.
-Students work with all questions labelled Core or Extended.
-Emphazises the relevance of maths with ‘Why this chapter matters’ showing maths in everyday life or historical development.
-Consolidate understanding with tried and tested questions in extensive practice exercises and detailed worked examples.
-Delivers a fully international course with international examples, contexts, names, currency and locations.
-Encourages students to check their work with answers to all exercise questions at the back of the book. Examination answers are only available in the Teacher’s Pack.

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