Collins Grammar for GCSE English


Mike Gould, Beth Kemp and Paul Higgins



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This explicit, purposeful teaching of grammar, spelling and punctuation is designed to help obtain the marks available for accuracy and access the wider range of marks available for effective expression.

Each of the thirty-six tutorials explains a key aspect of grammar, spelling or punctuation within a GCSE or IGCSE writing context. By exploring the choices other writers make, you will learn how to strengthen your own writing at a word, sentence, paragraph and whole-text level.

Key Features:

  • Contains over 30 stimulating tutorials which can be used in regular grammar sessions or as an intensive intervention programme.
  • Written by a team of experienced teachers and consultants, and trialled in the classroom
  • Explores the choices other writers make to show students how to strengthen their own writing at a word, sentence, paragraph and whole text level.
  • Focuses on the specifics of writing to inform and explain; writing to summarise; writing to argue and persuade; writing to explore and analyse; and writing to describe and narrate with a dedicated chapter on each writing purpose.