Pearson Economics


John Sloman, Alison Wride and Dean Garratt



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The Eighth edition of Economics contains the most up-to-the minute coverage and uses the latest data to track and analyse the impact of the global financial crisis on our economy.

‘Economics’ is popular for its active learning and student-friendly approach, and the new edition retains its classic features that provide a solid foundation for the study of economics, while covering much of the recent turmoil in the economy.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the credit crunch, the subsequent global recession, the legacy of debt, faltering recovery in the world economy and the policy debates about tackling the problems.
  • Theoretical coverage has been strengthened; there are now sections on behavioural economics in Chapters 4, 8 and 9, and the sections on money and banking, and on fiscal and monetary policies, have been extended to deal with the continuing problems of bank and sovereign debt.
  • Complete update of boxes, examples, tables, charts and factual references given.