Marshall Cavendish Chemistry A Course for ‘O’ Level




Christopher N Prescott

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An extensively revised edition, fully meets the requirements of the new syllabus for the GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Examination. The attractively designed and well-illustrated book comprises 25 units, each of which prominently displays the following features:

  • Learning Objectives: appear at the start of each unit to help students focus on the key points covered.
  • Experiments: are described with the help of diagrams, safety symbols and follow-up questions.
  • Quick Revision: focuses on reinforcing the understanding of important principles.
  • Fancy That! provides fascinating and relevant facts to motivate learning and interest.
  • Thinking Science: helps students assess their understanding and learning and encourages creative thinking.
  • Concept Map: is a pictorial summary of various concepts covered in each unit.
  • The Thinking Room: stimulates thinking and allows students to apply their knowledge in solving problems.
  • Review Questions: are multiple-choice questions and structure questions for practice.