First Thesaurus




First Thesaurus

The First Thesaurus:

  • includes more than 2,000 headwords
  • enriches children’s language with over 10,000 synonyms
  • features a special introduction for children ‘What is a thesaurus?’
  • gives concise instructions on ‘How to use this book’
  • includes a list of over 500 antonym pairs
  • provides additional lists of topic words on the themes ‘All about you’, ‘Animals’, ‘Plants’, ‘Food, drink and cooking’, ‘Your home’ and ‘Things to wear’
  • includes clear guide words indicating the first and last headwords on each spread
  • reinforces knowledge of the alphabet by providing an alphabet strip on each page
  • ideal for use with the First Dictionary (see opposite page), which gives definitions of all the headwords listed.

Supports the transition between Key Stages 1 and 2, the First Thesaurus may also be suitable for older children and young people.