Step By Step Grammar And Punctuation Book 3




Written by the leading author Louis Fidge, this series covers Levels 1 to 5 and supports the teaching of Essential Sentence Level work by providing a systematic, structured and a graded approach to the teaching of grammar and punctuation. Grammar being the study of how sentences are structured and formed, involves a consideration of how words work together and the underlying rules of the English language. Punctuation is inextricably linked with grammar and helps the students to make sense of what they are reading.


  •   Helps students develop the ability to use language clearly, concisely and effectively.
  •  Teaches grammar and punctuation in a developmental way, ensuring introduction, consolidation and extension of key skills through additional reinforcement work.
  •   Contains clear instructional language and differentiated activities.
  •  Provides students with the vocabulary they need to discuss, reflect on and understand grammar and punctuation.
  •   Has glossary of grammar and punctuation terms. Teacher’s Guide and Answer CD contains the scope and sequence of the work of each level and of the whole series; teacher’s notes and answers of each step; glossary of grammar and punctuation terms.