Impressive Cursive Handwriting Book 2




Impressive Cursive Handwriting books 1 to 5 have been designed to help young children learn and practice the correct formation of letters in the cursive writing style. Cursive writing is a style of handwriting in which all the letters in a word are joined together. This requires regular practice to master the skill.

In addition to providing writing practice, Impressive Cursive Handwriting books aim to increase children’s general knowledge and to achieve this, ample information about their surroundings is given in each book.

Key Features:

  •  fun filled and well-illustrated
  •  instructions given on each worksheet
  •  teaches pencil grip and control
  •  teaches correct formation of cursive letters
  •  activities like proverbs, tongue twisters, stories, rhymes, joining the dots, colouring, maze, puzzles and interesting facts provide more fun in learning the cursive writing skill.