Global learning Primary Social Studies 3




The book introduces many correlated themes that other books do not. For example Economics, Sociology Environmental Studies and links to poems and songs.

Pakistan as a tourist destination is highlighted by including images of its Mountainous regions, Lakes and Tourists Spots.

These books are titled Global Learning because I wanted our Kids to become relevant in a fast paced Technological world. Then kids learn about Democracy they become aware that many people in the world are not actually free. This realization helps them to understand the woes and problems of others. In short these Children become aware of what Empathy is at an early age!

  • These books are titled Global Learning to help students become relevant in a fast-paced technological world.
  • The books introduce many correlated themes that other books do not, for example, Economics, Sociology Environmental Studies. Community Work is also encouraged in the Global Village of today.
  • Burning Global issues like Population Explosion, Climate change, Hunger, Poverty are introduced to them at a young age.
  • The end of lesson exercises are meant to encourage collaborative learning in which they are involved in project work through research, Art Design and Technology.