Future Kidz Skill Programme English with Ebbie




Future Kidz Skill Programme is a series for pre-primary classes. Designed for Kindergarten classes, the wide range of books in the series that aims to strengthen and develop basic visual, auditory and writing skills

KG 1

  • My Big Alphabet
  • Art with Angie
  • English with Elmo Capital Letters
  • GK with Gina
  • English with Elmo Small Letters
  • Read with Ritcha

KG 2

  • Creative Maths with Maggie
  • English with Ebbie
  • Read with Roxan
  • Word Building with Walter
  • Creative English with Emily
  • GK with Glory

Teachers’ Handbook: gives complete lesson plans for teaching the English alphabet. The activities and discussions have a multi-sensory emphasis and require active physical movement as well. They include motivational presentation techniques and a wide range of testing formulae.