Collins Cambridge Lower Secondary Maths Book Stage 7




This new, three-level series, provides coverage of the Cambridge Lower Secondary Maths Curriculum framework. Written by an experienced Author team, the series comprises a comprehensive Student’s Book, Extensive Workbook and supportive Teacher’s Guide.

Student’s Book:

  •  The series builds on the foundations laid down in primary maths, and prepares students for embarnking on Cambridge SELIG Maths. New concepts are presented through worked examples, which lead students through the concepts, with clear and detailed explanations.
  •  Links are made between topics, encouraging learners to build on relevant fluency from previously learnt topics, and practice mathematical concepts in a different context.


  •  Matches the structure of the Student’s Book.
  • Offers a range of practice activities to help learners to consolidates their knowledge of the topics covered in the Student’s Book.

Teacher’s Guide:

  •  Alternative approaches and activities (including tasks and games)
  • Support to help pace lessons for individual abilities.
  • Ideas to make practical use of technology for computer to create spreadsheets, tables and charts to represent results.