Collins International Primary Maths Teacher’s Guide 3




Collins International Primary Maths offers full coverage of the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework with a problem-solving and discovery approach to the learning of mathematics.

Student’s Books:

  • Motivates students with a problem-solving and discovery approach to learning of mathematics.
  • Real-life international contexts-each lesson is based on a “big idea”, providing and engaging, exciting theme.
  • Offers students plenty of opportunities to apply their knowledge with activities, exercises and investigations


Each Workbook page has three levels of challenge which allow learners to practice and consolidate their newly acquired knowledge, skills and understanding.

Teacher’s Guides:

Lesson plans follow a highly effective and proven lesson structure with a big idea’ at the center, anchoring mathematics in a real-life international context.

The DVDs contains:

  • 32 interactive whiteboard mathematical tools
  • comprehensive audio glossary
  • all components of the Teacher’s Guide in editable word documents and PDFs