Kahani Khazana Book 1




Kahani Khazana is a series of Urdu readers for primary school children. The readers have been developed to i

nculcate a reading habit in young children and introduce them to the nuances of the Urdu language and its varied genres.

There are two books for Ibtaydaee (Elementary) level.

Ibtaydaee 1: introduces the letters of the Urdu alphabet divided into 6 groups. Each group of letters has been magically created by using meaningful text and colourful illustrations.

Ibtaydaee 2: covers the different aspects of letter-sound relationships of Urdu phonics and the Urdu alphabets

Kahani Khazana, Books 1 to 5 are child-friendly, easy to use and offer:

  • a wide range of originally written as well as selected stories and poems that nurture moral values
  • many interesting and fun-filled activities that help to develop oral skills
  • attractive and colourful illustrations that complement the text
  • teaching notes are given in each book