Collins Cambridge Lower Secondary Science Book Stage 7




Beverly Rickwood, Chris Meunier, Fran Eardley, Gemma Young, Lucy Hawkins, Mark Levesley, Sheila Tarpey, Stuart Lloyd


This brand new Cambridge Lower Secondary Science course inspires and engages students, offering comprehensive coverage of the curriculum framework including all suggested practicals and scientific enquiry skills.

Student’s Book:

  • Develops students’ scientific skills with the emphasis on scientific enquiry integrated throughout the course and opportunities for practical activities and analysis
  • Helps students build a firm foundation and progress from stage 7 through to stage 9 and onto Cambridge IGCSE Science with carefully developed resources for each stage designed to build confidence and understanding
  • Allows students to take ownership of their learning with self-assessment questions and progress checklists
  • Challenges and stretches students with differentiated questions for each topic
  • Checks understanding, consolidates learning and prepares for assessment with end of chapter and end of stage reviews


  • Provides regular practice for students in applying and developing their scientific enquiry skills to new contexts as well as using key scientific vocabulary, facts and ideas
  • Supportive worked examples and writing frames help students improve their approach to answering open response and calculation questions

Teacher’s Guide:

  • Carefully constructed learning outcomes and detailed lesson plan ideas fully support the development of scientific enquiry skills
  • Suggestions for challenge activities in every topic to stretch the students ability to progress further